The Ultimate Guide To Bulk Preparing Slimming World Friendly Sandwiches

quick & easy egg and bacon sandwich filling advertLiving a healthy lifestyle is far from easy, and in order to succeed things need to be simple, realistic and sustainable. Today I want to share the system I use to bulk prepare my entire weeks sandwiches. Not only does this save bundles of time, endless thinking (“what should I have?, what should I have?”), excellent value, slimming world friendly and most importantly their simple and realistic to make. Most of the preparation can be done in under 20 minutes on a Sunday (that’s when I do most of my weeks prep).

Like I said, I personally feel the key to living a healthy lifestyle has to be a realistic system, which boils down to preparation. I don’t need to tell you how time consuming cooking from scratch is, and no matter much I love cooking, I just haven’t got enough time in the day to stand over a stove preparing beautifully cooked meals. It’s not gonna happen.

Almost every diet out there bangs on about eating fresh, home cooked meals because their so good for us compare to preprepared foods, I fully agree, but what they fail to help us with is how to fit all this extra work into our regular lives.

So what’s the answer?

Well, I’ve found bulk preparation to be the key. Preparing large quantities of food in a single cooking session that can then be eaten at a later date will little to no effort.

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The Ultimate System

The entire bulk sandwich prep system is based on a single sandwich filling that can be tweaked quite easily with salad and other extras throughout the week, easy right!

The heart of any sandwich is the filling, right? Sure, most of us have salad of some sort, that’s pretty normal regardless of the sandwich filling so the only thing that we need to figure out is a sandwich filling that can be used for the entire week without getting repetitive and boring.

I imagine you’re sitting there right now thinking, “Na! That’ll be boring, having the same filling day in, day out”, hold that thought for a moment and have faith!

Here are the sandwich filling I make on a regular basis. (click the links for full guided recipes)

  1. Chicken, Bacon & Mayo
  2. Shredded Boiled Eggs, Bacon & Mayo
  3. Tuna & Mayo
  4. Shredded Pork & Mayo
  5. Salmon, Crab Stick, Prawn & Mayo
  6. Prawn & Mayo

Admit it, their some decent sandwich fillings, miles better than…ham! It doesn’t stop there, oh no! Now comes the fun part, combinations!

“Sandwiches on slimming world…YOU BET!”
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Killer Combinations!

Once you’ve got the foundation it’s just a case of mixing the variety of salads you use each day, that’s easy enough, isn’t it?

I bet you’ve just thought of a few combinations in your head haven’t you? Did you get past lettuce, tomato and cucumber? Where’s your imagination aye?

Here’s a huge list of salads & accompaniments that you can put with any of the fillings above. Go wild!

Sandwich salad fillings11

Bet you didn’t think of all of them did you, I think it’s fair to say there’s no real shortage of things to put in your sandwich along with the filling itself.

The best bit is even though the base of the sandwich is the same each day there are so many combinations you can’t get bored with it, can you?

Think of it this way, if you have 1 sandwich every day of the working week that’s five combinations you need, which is nothing! How easy is that?

Time’s Precious

Bulk fillings save me so much time, I spend about 20 minutes on a Sunday preparing the filling for the week and once it’s done, that’s it! The only other “prep” that needs to be done is placing a spoon full of the mixture onto your bread, and add some salad/accompaniments which we’ve just gone over. Making one of these wicked tasting sandwiches only takes like 3 minutes!

100x Better than the Standard Sandwich!

The sandwiches I used to make were pretty grim; I’m not gonna lie. Sure they tasted “ok” but they were just so boring, thin and never filled me up.

The beautiful thing with this method is the filling tastes so much better than a basic ham salad sandwich, it’s bulkier than a few slices of ham and is by far more filling. You can’t beat a proper chunky sandwich!

slimming world seafood sandwich mix

Sorry! They cost how much?

Think about the price of a packet of ham at Tesco, when I was buying it, it was £1.20 for a pack of 10 slices! How ever you look at that, that’s not cheap, especially when you need about 4 slices to make it half decent. At that rate, the ham alone for one sandwich has cost you 48p!

Most of my bulk fillings cost under 50p a portion; the egg and bacon filling works out 30p a portion! Sure we’re only talking pennies right now, but this is a lifestyle we’re going for here not a flash in the pan so over time it’s certainly going to add up.

There you have it, that’s the system I use to make bulk prep my sandwiches on slimming world, their healthy, tasty, filling, time saving and great value, but I’m sure they can be improved further; what do you think?

I want you to leave a comment below sharing how your slimming world systems…don’t be shy!

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