Store Cupboard Essentials & Weekend Fakeaway Cooking

Last Thursday at my new slimming group I picked up a copy of the new fakeaway recipe book, as you all know I love a takeaway so I thought this book would be perfect for me. There’s some pretty interesting recipes in there that I’m looking forward to trying; donner kebab, pork in black bean sauce, burger (big mac) in a bowl, chicken tikka masala and spiced chicken to name a few.

The thing is when every it comes to healthy cooking you need so many different herbs and spices to add the flavours that the fats and oils would in the regular junk versions, you can’t just start cooking unless your cupboards are full…mine wasn’t!

Who said diets are cheap?

Late night trip to Tesco is was, and £35/40 later and I had most of the store cupboard ingredients I’d need for the book ( I had a couple of other bits in there too). Who ever thinks dieting and healthy eating is cheap, is wrong plain an simple. All the store cupboard ingredients they will last me a while and make quite a few recipes and that’s the cost of eating right and eating a variety at the end of the day. Put in simple terms it’s a small price for our health and weight loss goals.

picture of store cupboard ingredients for slimming world cooking

The first fakeaway

Saturday me and mum decided to do a little cooking together; I started on the fakeaway pork in black bean sauce that looks soooo nice in the book, and isn’t hard to make.

picture of the ingredients for slimming world pork in black bean sauce

picture of prepared ingredients for pork in black bean sauce

It turned out really nice, and it’s crazy why I don’t make stuff like this more often; I mean really its so easy to do, and so god dam tasty. Next time I’d probably just use a bag of frozen sliced pepper or stir fry mix that you can get from tesco, that’d most likely be cheaper than buying fresh and it couldn’t be quicker.

picture of my finished pork in black bean sauce

Next weeks breakfast

While I was doing that my mum made three bacon & onion quiches; there exactly the same as the mini sw quiches I’ve shared, just larger than muffin size. These are gonna be a life saver next week because I’m starting a new driving job and want to focus all my attention to that, and not have to worry about what I’m gonna eat, I’ll slice these up and take a piece for breakfast each morning, along with some mugshots, fruit and a sandwich… easy! Well that’s the plan!

picture of the cooking steps to make a slimming world quiche

Gonna try some more over the next few days, the big mac in a bowl in particular…that’s sound so good. I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

Quick question before I goWhat have you been cooking this weekend?

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