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The biggest problem I, and I’m sure most of us have with diets and healthy eating is eating on the go, and let’s face it most of us never stop for more than 10 minutes these days, and cooking food is far from the top of the priorities list.

We’ve got no time, no time!

Things go from back to worse when you factor in being out on the road, work, college etc. because we’re not able to cooking something quick and easy like we would at home. It doesn’t stop there though; people that aren’t watching their weight (yeah those lucky, lucky sob’s!) can simply pop to Tesco and buy something there and then, a sandwich, a pastie, a microwave meal or they’ll pop McDonalds or something. I’m not saying it’s a healthy lifestyle their living, but it’s a darn easy one when it comes to eating!

Me, and you on the other hand can’t; sure we can have fruit, salad and cold meats, but that gets every old very freaking fast and expensive…don’t get me started on the cost differences; that’s a post for another day!

I drive for a living, and I’m on the road almost all day, every day. I do stop and some of my shops that have microwaves that I can use but apart from that, I can only have what I carry with me.

I’ve had to get a little creative with lunch times on the road, and although I’m not 100% happy and still learn/tweaking, things aren’t that bad.

This is gonna be a super long, detailed post today I just want so quickly share a few of my ideas with you and try ask you to share some of yours with me. I will be going each and every idea/recipe in greater detail in the coming weeks.

What I currently eat on the go

I’ve got a couple of others that I’m currently testing, and as soon as I perfect them I share with you all.

I’m interested to hear what you guys eat for lunch on slimming world; like I said it’s not an easy meal to deal with, (personally my worst), but together I think we can collate an ultimate lunch list of ideas that will help us all.

So, leave your lunchtime ideas in the comments below and together we’ll crush lunchtimes!

    Darran Mansfield

    Hi! I'm Darran Mansfield, I've been on the Slimming World diet for about 10 months, and I've lost 5 and a half stone (74lbs/34kgs), I'm by no means a weight loss expert, but I do have first hand experience, and that's what I'm here to share with you. I'm looking for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that's enjoyable yet maintainable in today's modern life. If that's what you want, you should stick around, I'm sure you'll find something helpful and don't forget to say hi to me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

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