Amazingly Cheap, Slimming World Chicken & Bacon Sandwich Filling

slimming world chicken & bacon sandwich mixture

I’m loving these prepared sandwich fillings, especially the latest one I’ve just finished; roast chicken & bacon.

This filling is super simple to make, tastes amazing, and stupidly cheap, so let’s jump right in shall we!


  • 1 large chicken
  • 3 pack cheap bacon
  • 9 heaped tbsp light mayo
  • Salt & pepper to taste


First things first, you need to pop the chicken in the oven and get that cooking, you should remove all the skin before cooking to avoid adding fat meat, and the temptation of eating it. I personally leave it on and discard it at the end; I think it keeps the chicken nice and moist, and I can’t be arsed removing it raw!

chicken ready for bulk filling

Cook the chicken until the juices run clear (no blood). If you’re unsure how to cook a chicken, here’s a useful guide.

While the chicken’s cooking you can remove all the fat from the bacon, and then roughly cut into smaller pieces, nothing fancy just easier to cook.

removing all fat from bacon 2

Fry the bacon in a pan with a few squirts of fry light, draining any fat that may come out the bacon as it cooks. Cook all the bacon and then put aside in a bowl ready for later.

When the chicken’s cooked, place on a plate or cooling rack and allow to cool (enough to handle).

fry the bacon in fry light 2

Remove as much chicken from the bones as possible, discarding any fatty bits, AND the skin. Don’t eat it…I know it’s tempting.

remove the chicken from the bone 2

Now you’ve got the chicken, you now need to shred it into smaller pieces. As you can see from mine below I’ve got small bits and large chunks, it’s no big deal how you do it just remember the smaller the bits the further the mixture will go.

If you want to shred your bacon bits any more, now’s the time, if not mix the chicken and bacon bits together in a large bowl.

Shred chicken & bacon and then mix together 2

Add 9 heaped tablespoons of light mayonnaise, and mix thoroughly.

Season with salt a pepper, be careful with the amount of salt you put in as bacon is usually quite salty to start with.

“Slimming world friendly, chicken & bacon sandwich filling (bulk prep) only 1½ syns, and 57p per portion, love it! http://bit.ly/KBa3bL”
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Chicken and bacon sandwich filling

That’s it, done and dusted! Apart from roasting the chicken, how quick and easy was that? Let’s talk money shall we!

TIP: Mix it up a little during the week by adding dry herbs like rosemary & thyme OR spice it with some paprika!

How much did it cost?

I managed to make 17 sandwiches with this mixture, and as you know I’m not stingy with my portions, I’m sure it could make more, but I think 17 pretty good.

Price break down,

  • 1 Larger chicken = £3.45
  • (Reduced to clear…bargin! Non reduced price was £6.50)
  • 3 packs bacon = £2.70
  • 9 heaped tbsp light mayo = 51p

Total cost,
£6.66 reduced price
£9.71 non-reduced price

Although I bought a reduced chicken (something I highly recommend looking out for), I’ve worked out what it would cost normally to show you the regular price of the sandwich filling.

The overall cost per portion was 57p! (standard priced chicken). I’ve said it before with my other fillings, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, that’s well cheap, and such good value per portion.

The little devils…syns!

So the chicken and the bacon are both free (on red and extra easy slimming world plan) as you removed all the fat and skin, so the only syns in the entire mixture is the mayonnaise. I used 9 heaped tablespoons (a heaped tbsp is about 30ml while a normal tbsp is 20ml).

Each portion works out to 1.5 syns; that’s pretty good, isn’t it?

Overall a wicked, bulk prepared, homemade sandwich mix that’s only 57p/1.5 syns a portions, but will you make it, or can you improve it?

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    Darran Mansfield

    Hi! I'm Darran Mansfield, I've been on the Slimming World diet for about 10 months, and I've lost 5 and a half stone (74lbs/34kgs), I'm by no means a weight loss expert, but I do have first hand experience, and that's what I'm here to share with you. I'm looking for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that's enjoyable yet maintainable in today's modern life. If that's what you want, you should stick around, I'm sure you'll find something helpful and don't forget to say hi to me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

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    Sebastian Lockwood

    Hi there wonderful recipes if you love Mayo, which i am not, but how about making it totally syn free by adding Fromage F, with a seasoning of salt and pepper and why not add mushrooms to the bacon and chicken, it would be like the ginster Slices without the syn of the pastry, yum, think i am gonna experiment now lol


    How long does this keep for in the fridge? If it is 17 portions or more, would it last for 17 days?

      Darran Mansfield

      No, it wouldn’t last 17 days im afraid, I’ve got a big family and them 17 portions are gonne pretty quick lol. It’ll be fine to last the week and I make mine up on sunday evenings


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